About us

The concept of TYE’S CUISINE come about due to a lack of Creole Cajun food here in Orlando, Florida. We started by going back to New Orleans and bringing back the ingredients to prepare the dishes we were missing. As co-workers and friends noticed our food, they wanted to try it. Their first taste of our Creole Cajun food set everything in motion for us. We started getting requests to prepare food for them for lunch, then more to take home to their families and even to cater events.  

The Food truck scene was becoming quite big and we decided to put our food on the road. We created TYE’S CUISINE and we are providing our services right here in Orlando.  

All the ingredients for our Creole Cajun dishes come from family owned smokehouses in New Orleans. We feel the way to get a true New Orleans Cuisine experience is to use the same ingredients, from the same smokehouses that have been creating their products from family recipes that have been passed down for generations.  

For that true Creole Cajun experience, Southern Comfort food and southern hospitality stop by TYE’S CUISINE.